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From: Wayne R Hagerty

Dear Friend,

This is no joke at all. What the headlines says is 100% the truth and I want to encourage you to take the time and read this entire page, because what you will discover is worth well over $900+...

Let me begin by asking you a few quick questions...

Are your tired of the Rat Race?

Have you become sick of those one dimensional online ideas?

Sick and tired of starting over and over with the next great thing?

Do you get the feeling that something is missing from other Online Marketing, List Building Programs you have tried?

Do you want to succeed online once and for all?

If you have answered Yes to any of these simple questions, you have landed on this page at just the right time...

I am about to give you your very own Key to unlock the vault, swing open the doors and get FULL Access to my IM Instant Viral, List Building Affiliate Cash-Generating Success System. 

Trust me, it works on building a Internet Business that you can be proud and will last the test of time...

This is not some teaser manual or some leaked chapter to some silly ebook. You are going to be taken on a journey from start to finish, as it happens , step by step through one of the most creative a profitable ways to build your list on auto pilot and generate affiliate cash at the same time.

Now let me ask you another question...

Can you feel your heart beating a little faster?

Can you hear your thoughts chattering in your head?

Are you starting to get excited?

Good, you should be feeling all of the above feelings and emotions because you are about to embark on a simple, yet effective system that has been tested, researched, and run through the gauntlet to make certain that it is a lasting online business that you can grow to new levels.

Reseller Software System

If I had to guess, I would say that one of the emotions that you have been feeling is anxiety, or your mind may have been screaming - NO WAY... or even the overwhelming, throat gripping feeling of doubt has come over you. This feeling is expected and to be honest, not a surprise at all....

With all of the junk and hype floating around the net, you know what I am talking about.... the overpriced systems, tools, reports, how to's - that leave you in the dark with no flash light. If you are afraid of the dark, this stinks x2. Some systems do not last very long or are just too complicated to get going, especially if you are NEW to this venture. 

This was what I went through for a very long time online making little money. Thanks to my determination to become a success online I made it through this period and found my way out of the dark, dingy dungeon of online darkness.

So you may be wondering, what separates this from everything else you have found?

It is simple....IT IS 100% FREE!!!


Because I have come to understand that in order for me to succeed. I have to remove my needs out of the equation and focused on how I can serve and help others succeed online....  This is what changed it all for me. Wanting to help the people that were in the same situations I was in 5 years ago and it has become my goal to do so.

What do I get out of it?

It is a Win, Win for me with this system. Not only do I get to help so many others see the light and conquer the hill of online success, in a simple, easy way, but I also benefit from this system building my business at the same time.  

I ONLY SUCCEED IF YOU SUCCEED....  This is why I have taking the time and put my money were my mouth is, creating this system for all of us to take our life to the next level, at no cost to you at all.  You pay nothing, zero, zilch.  You have to succeed for me to benefit, it is my dream to see that you do... 

So what exactly does this Amazing Viral List Building, Affiliate Marketing Software system consist of and how does it work?

First let me start by saying that digital products are the BEST ITEMS to SELL ONLINE...

What are digital products?

Ebooks, Software, Reports, Apps, Scripts, ect... Items that can be instantly delivered once a purchase has been made. OK, lets take it a step further, Software outsells them all... These are tools that have been designed to make peoples life better, they solve a problem, a need to simplifiy a process, project and help a need to succeed online.

I have realized this fact for a long time and is one of the main components to my Viral List Building, Affilaite Marketing, Cash Generating System...

So, you will have access to and can use my full collection of the hottest full version IM Weapons Of Domination Software tools to get a unfair edge over your competition. These are the best and sought-after tools online.

That is just the beginning, my system will also fill your pockets with cash as well as help you develop a Monster List of NEW customers for years to come.

These HOT Software, Internet Marketing Tools will turn your email into your very own ATM machine, spitting out cash almost on demand.

But Wait, Hold on to your seat because what I am about to tell you will not only shock you but get your heart racing so fast that you will jump up screaming with joy at the possibilities.

What is it?

Reseller Software System

My IM Weapons of Domination Success System will show you and provide the most simple, successful, hidden tactics, techniques so you can Build Your ATM Machine (Your List) Virally & Fast!!!

HOLD ON, There is even another Powerful Layer that takes my system and spreads it accross the Internet Like a out of control virus and this is truly were the power exist for you to build you online Viral List Building, Affiliate Marketing Software Business fast and on total auto pilot.

Viral Marketing Software

Imagine having a tool that Rebrands all the software that I give you with your affiliate ad, Website, etc., turning every piece of software I supply you into a Viral Affiliate Marketing, Cash Generating Powerhouse, making you $$$$ even if you are simply giving the software away for FREE.

The minute they launch your Rebranded Software - BLAM!!! - They see your Affiliate Ad Splashed directly on their desktop. They can not avoid it.

But Wait, Think of this for second - No Matter How Many People give away your rebranded software, you Viral Splash Ad remains forever. They can never remove it...

Every Time Your Rebranded Software spreads your Viral Affiliate Marketing Ad Spreads...

Now I have to warn you, because what I am about to tell you will make you do back flips.. My Viral Affiliate Rebrander Tool is not just limited to Software, you can use it on reports and ebooks too...

That is true Viral Marketing At Its Best and I will reveal the exact system and process that takes the two pieces and turns them into a full blown raging list building beast...

  • NO SEO
  • NO PPC

You do not need glasses, what your eyes are seeing is real, no need to wipe them or pinch yourself to wake up. This System allows you to distribute the IM Weapons Of Domination Software freely and make all the money you want and you keep it all to yourself....

This is the dream IM Weapon of Domination Cash Generating, List Building System you can have right away, and it can be yours if you decide to act now.

Here's What You Get FREE..


IM Weapons of Domination Viral Affiliate Software Reseller System!

($900+ Value)


Dozens of My NEW software(s) delivered directly to your email inbox in which you can use them for your self, give them away to build your list or even resell them (And collect hefty commissions & sales daily when others click and purchase!) .


Profit by selling my IM Weapons of Domination software at full market value and earn 100% (you could well have a software business empire up and running!) Including Ready Made Reseller Websites with custom graphics for each and every software you receive..


You will also receive my Viral Rebrander Tool so you can give the MRR software away for free as a lead generator weapon and Turn Every Software into a Viral Markeitng, List Building, Traffic Generating Power House and in return, watch your (ATM Machine) autoresponder list EXPLODE.

You will also get Your Very Own Unlimited Autoresponder, Email Marketing account 100% FREE. You Pay nothing for this Top of the line Autoresponder Service. You Pay Nothing, Notta, Zippo, Zero...

Full on how to take the software your IM Weapons Of Domination and Turn Them Into Viral List Building, Affiliate Marketing, Cash Generating Beast - Simply Giving The Software Away... I Spill The Beans...

Receive Top Tips, Techniques and Tactics directly to your email inbox that will provide you with money making information as well as cash pumping tools.


You will also recieve Software Updates and New Money Generating System Techniques FREE!!!


Free Instant Delivery Of My Secret Viral IM Weapons of Domination To Your Inbox As Soon As You Register....

You Could Be Using The Tool That Could Take Your Online Venture To A New Level and Beyond, 5 Minutes From NOW...

Starting With MY TOP SELLING IM Weapon Of Domination Software

Viral Submitter Serpent - MRR (Video, Article, Press Release, Bookmark Submitter)

Instant Upsell Profits Monster - MRR (Upsell Cross Promotion Generator)

Auto Tweet IM Domination - MRR (Auto Twitter Tweet Poster Software)

Google Niche Net System - MRR (Google Trends Niche Research Tool)

Niche Keyword Sniper - MRR (Niche Keyword Research Tool)

Article Arsenal - MRR (Quick Article Writer/ReWriter Software)

Forum Wizard - MRR (Forum Hunter, Research Software)

Cloaking Ninja - MRR (Affiliate Link Masking Software)

Article Blaster - MRR (Article Marketing, Article Submitter Tool)

Instant Squeeze Page Bot - MRR (Squueze Page, Lead Capture Page Generator)

Blog Finder Marketing Software - MRR (Blog Commenting Marketing Tool)

Clickbank Research Software - MRR (Clickbank Data Research Software Tool)

Task Manager Software - MRR (Project Manager Stop Procrastination Tool)

Duplicate Content Crusher - MRR (Duplicate Content Checker, Keyword Density Tool)

Wordpress Theme Bot - MRR (WP Theme Designer/Creator Software)

Directory Injector Software - MRR (Link Building Directory Submission Tool)

Update >>Misspelled Niche Keyword Nabber - MRR (Misspelled Keyword Generator Tool)

Photo Ads Lab - MRR (Picture Advertising Software)

 Forum Marketing Maven Software- MRR (Forum Posting Forum Poster Tool)

New >>Adwords Voucher Viking - Get Google Ads Free - MRR (Google Adwords Voucher Software)

And Dozens More Software!


Giveaway Rights To ALL Software
Worth $39 EACH COPY!!!

And to make this even more irresistable, with all of the software and tools you will receive, I'm going to give you the MRR as well as Giveaway Rights (Worth $39 Per Copy) to all software listed above as well as all proceeding software you will receive, which allows you to be able to distribute it freely to either your subscribers or your prospects.

You can use it to add value to your subscribers and keep them happy or use it as an ethical bribe to get people to opt in to your list.

You can also, sell your NEW Software online and make 100% of the selling price and best of all I will provide you with the HOT SPOTS to sell them and fill you pockets with cash...

It's completely up to you! So don't hate yourself for missing out on this crazy opportunity!

Just enter your first name and your primary email below then click the "Get Instant Access" button to receive your FREE software as well as lock in your email subscription to our IM Weapons of Domination Software Reseller System.

Put it simply, once you sign up, you email inbox will become your best business partner. You can sit back and let your subscription besome your sales generator, building your list and assist your in earning cash ASAP.

You could well be looking at a paypal account or autoresponder list size grow like a wild weed!

Are You Starting To See Its Possibilities?

There's honestly no fluff in this. In just a few minutes time, you will start to recieve over a dozen of my top selling Internet Marketing Weapons of Domination Software Tools that you can use and also sell your new software, making you money and building your list even while you sleep.

Today, you get to gain access to all these for... $300, $150, $100


You've read that right! I'll let you in at absolutely zero-cost today. But remember, I am accepting free sunscriptions for only a limited time, so even if you're just a little interested in creating your own reseller software online income... don't hesitate any further and fill in the form below.

Take a look below to see just a small sampling of the HOT IM Domination Software Titles you will receive with full MRR along with reseller website, custom graphics, selling tips and tricks, tutorials and a ton more...phpJobScheduler


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To Your Online Success, 
Wayne Hagerty
P.S. This is may be your ONLY chance to quickly and easily create a steady online income. All you need to do is just to fill in the form above and you'll instantly start to receive the tools and information you have been waiting for (limited time only)!
P.P.S. There's no way that I will leave you out there to figure it out for yourself. I will make my personal goal to pass on the tools that will turn you online venture into something real as well as something you can be proud of, but you have to become a subscriber first.


To Your Online Success, 

Wayne Hagerty

Wayne Hagerty

P.S. This is may be your ONLY chance to quickly and easily create a steady online income. All you need to do is just to fill in the form above and you'll instantly start to receive the tools and information you have been waiting for (limited time only)!

P.P.S. There's no way that I will leave you out there to figure it out for yourself. I will make my personal goal to pass on the tools that will turn you online venture into something real as well as something you can be proud of, but you have to become a subscriber first.


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